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Rwanda 2024

Five volunteers heading to Rwanda to support the Urukundo Foundation


Trésor, a friend whom Sasa (co-founder of our nonprofit) met during his internship at Esri, benefited from transformative educational support in the USA thanks to the Urukundo Foundation in Rwanda. Inspired by Trésor's success, we aim to replicate his journey of empowerment.

Our goal

The funds collected will cover school fees , food, school supplies and other essential expenses for one year for 100 children , or 25,000 CHF.

In addition, a team of 5 volunteers will go there on May 16, 2024 for a week of volunteering with the foundation.

Why Rwanda?

More than 700,000 children do not have access to basic education. Education gives individuals and communities a greater chance of escaping the cycle of poverty .

Why the Urukundo Foundation?

Since 2006 , the Urukundo Foundation has been caring for more than 1000 children every year for 18 years (from infant age to university age).

The Foundation has extensive experience in the field of education as well as vital contacts.

She works closely with local communities to identify current needs.

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The impact

Your donation could transform the lives of young Rwandans over several generations. Educated children contribute to the growth and development of Rwanda.

How to support the project?

Here are some options for participating in this human assistance !

  1. Donate via our blank QR invoice below (Switzerland only)

  2. Donate via our GoFundMe page:

  3. Make a donation via our TWINT QR (anonymous, Switzerland only)

Each donor-ice will receive a tax certificate for the 2024 tax declaration. Please leave us an email address for sending this.

Thank you for your support ! 💚🍀

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