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About Us


A sustainable world where nature is respected and protected, where people are aware of their impact on the environment and work together to create a viable future for all.



Use our skills and resources to carry out ecological and solidarity projects in Switzerland and abroad, working with local communities to create sustainable solutions.


We are committed to promoting environmental and social sustainability, raising public awareness of ecological issues, empowering communities and fostering collaboration between partners to create a more just and sustainable world.


Our history

Luca and Sasa, two friends wanting to use their free time wisely, began a series of good deeds around them to support various local associations.


In September 2017, they decided to found their first non-profit association called "The Lucky Wagonto promote their vision through community projects. 

From then on, they defined two main pillars:  solidarity and ecology.


These two pillars will guide many projects supported by the association. and will support environmental and solidarity causes that are close to their hearts in Switzerland 🇨🇭 and abroad 🌍.


In partnership with local businesses and organizations, The Lucky Wagon has grown thanks to the help of many friends wishing to participate in the various projects launched.


Today, The Lucky Wagon is a thriving association with a dedicated team of hard-working volunteers and supporters to make the world a better place.

Dream Team

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