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AVCLO - Cycling from Sion to Tokyo to raise awareness of stroke

Supporting Okan in its mission to raise awareness of stroke

Okan Celik , a young Valaisan, is a source of inspiration for us all.

His incredible journey from Sion to Tokyo , covering thousands of kilometers by bike and crossing more than 15 countries , is a testament not only to his physical endurance, but also to his unwavering commitment to raising awareness about stroke.

Following a stroke in his family , he wanted to do something big to raise awareness of this medical emergency that happens around us more often than we think.

We support Okan in his cause and in spreading awareness about the importance of early detection and treatment of stroke. Her dedication and hard work remind us that we all have the power to make a positive difference in the world .

Let’s come together to show our support for Okan and his mission. Whether it's donating to stroke research, sharing the information on social media, or simply encouraging him as he continues his journey, every little bit counts .

Thank you, Okan , for everything you do! 👏

Follow his adventure on his Instagram page ➡️ @projet_avc_lo

Interview shot by our team here .

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