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Survey ashtrays

Our association is launching its first creative project focused on ecology: The ashtray-survey.

This is a customizable ashtray, that proved to reduce the waste of cigarette butts.


Each of our ashtrays displays a question and two answers. Smokers vote by putting their cigarette butt in the slots under their preferred answer. Waste accumulates behind the transparent glass in two columns, showing which answer is the most popular.

Questions can be easily modified by the owner of the survey ashtray. They can be funcurrentprovocative– whatever works for your audience.

Cigarette butts are the form of litter the most common in the world, with around 4.5 billion cigarette butts thrown away every year.

Studies show that proposals to reduce pollution from cigarette butts have been largely ineffective, with cigarette butts consistently being the most collected object during beach cleanups and litter surveys.

However, smokers find our survey ashtrays much more attractive than traditional ashtrays and are more likely to use them.

Participating cities

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