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Support for "Etoile de Gaël" Association

In favor of the Star of Gaël and the promotion of organ donation

Our 3rd Afterwork For Smiles aimed to support "L'Etoile de Gael", a foundation that supports and promotes organ donation for children in particular. 💚

We gathered at the superb TechnoArk courtyard in Sierre. We offered stalls with popcorn, drinks and sweets - all homemade. 😊

Six volunteers helped organize the event, and we'd like to thank them. We'd also like to thank the many people who helped make the delicious cakes and appetizers. 🍰🧁

At the end of the evening, we raised a total of CHF 540.70 and made a donation of CHF 300 to the Etoile de Gaël foundation. 🍀 The rest of the proceeds will be reinvested in our association with the aim of growing.

More info on the association on their Facebook page and Instagram page.

Key figures



CHF récoltés




CHF reversés à l'association soutenue

A few pictures

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